MTC Industries, Inc . (MTC) is a science and technology based Ingredients Company established in 1994. MTC is dedicated to the research, development, processing, distribution and marketing of diverse branded ingredients and bulk value added products for human health and well-being. MTC markets and distributes the following 12 categories’ ingredients: Vitamins, Amino Acids, Herbal/Organics, Sports/Energy, Joint Health, Weight Loss, Sweeteners, Excipients, Natural Oils, Probiotics, Specialties and APIs. MTC also markets and distributes bulk value added products and NBE products. MTC has two strong “wings” to assist the business: QA/QC and R&D Marketing.


               Established in 1994, American Health Group is a holding company covering ingredients distribution, contract manufacturing and contract research. Currently, our professionalism and dedication has allowed us to grow and expand globally.

- Dr. Jimmy X. Wang

American Health Formulations, Inc. (AHF) is a healthcare Supplement, Food, Beverage and Cosmetic products company established in 2007, focusing on product R&D, contract manufacturing, private labeling and brand product development. AHF has obtained SEDDS (Self-emulsified Drug Delivery System) patents in both China and US, which is an advanced technology to increase the solubility of poorly water-soluble molecules, leading to higher bioavailability and better absorption. AHF is specialized in the development of high-end health products, including SEDDS products, NBE supplements, NBE Probiotics, NBE OTCs and customized formulations. During the past 10 years, AHF has developed extensive sales channels and networks, offering hundreds of healthcare products.

American Health Formulations, Inc.

Summit Life Science, Inc. (SLS) is an FDA registered CRO (contract research organization) which is strong in pharmaceutical research, chemical testing, gene testing, in Vitro study, product development and FDA applications. SLS has a state-of-the-art in-house laboratory, where DDS (Drug Delivery System) and DSP (Drug Screeming Platform) teams can conduct analytical testing, SEDDS formulation development, control release/time release research, drug in vitro screening and all other pharmaceutical projects. SLS collaborates with many top pharmaceutical & medical schools on clinical research and drug discoveries.

MTC Industries, Inc.
Summit Life Science, Inc.

                       American Health Group, LLP (AHG) consists of MTC Industries, Inc (MTC), American Health Formulations, Inc (AHF), and Summit Life Science, Inc (SLS).